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A Letter From Messianic Dance Camps International

Dear Ministry Supporter, 

Our family went on-the-road traveling and have taught worship through Messianic Israeli folk dance to over seven hundred different congregations in the past eight years, many of which we have returned to several times. Your show of support through prayer, as well the purchase of our curricula, and financial support through donation helped our ministry! We have experienced open doors, and these doors have opened our eyes to many signs and wonders, which include emotional and spiritual healings, and miracles of spontaneous physical healings, which have included the deaf hearing, other healings, and Satanic deliverance, which is just the beginning of what has happened. 
Our ministry is a One New Man ministry on many levels; Mindy is Jewish, and I grew up in an Italian home as a Roman Catholic. I had an open vision while sitting in services one day, and I saw myself at a pulpit speaking to fellow gentiles. I was preaching and saying that “if you had received spiritual dividends from the Jewish people that you have a material debt to the believers living in Israel.” I came at once out of my open vision, and immediately thought to myself that this must be in the Bible somewhere. It did not take me long to find where the Apostle Paul, in Romans 15:25-27, was taking a collection from the Macedonians, saying that “if the Gentiles have come to share in their (Jewish people) spiritual blessings, they ought also to be of service to them in material blessings” 
        Full verse(s) in ISV ~ Romans 15:25-27 
Right now, however, I’m going to Jerusalem to minister to the saints, because the believers in Macedonia and Achaia (regions of Greece) have been eager to share their resources with the poor among the saints in Jerusalem. Yes, they were eager to do this, and in fact they are obligated to help them, for if the gentiles have shared in their spiritual blessings, they are obligated to be of service to them in material things. 
This message of ‘obligation’ has been a constant wherever we go to minister. We have attempted to raise awareness of the need that our brother and sister counterparts in Israel have for our love, support, and encouragement. We have also lead four dance tours to Israel, and each of the evenings after touring we would meet with the believers (the Living Stones) who live and minister in the land.  

We believe in the imperativeness of this ‘debt’ being met for the revelatory understanding of the One New Man to be realized; why we are no longer strangers and foreigners but fellow citizens with the saints and members of God’s household. However, the church at large is impervious to the connection between the Jewish believer living in Israel and the Christian believer who is being brought near. This truth and connectedness will bring awareness to bear; and hopefully bring the issue of the law of reciprocal return to the forefront. We believe that in this particular way we are to be a blessing to Israel. There are good intentions of Christians wanting to help and bless the Jewish people living in Israel. However, some of their funding unfortunately goes to organizations who persecute the believers living there.   

We are praying, in a big way, for the open door to enable us to go more into the churches, with the demonstration of Messianic worship through dance, and the message of a debt owing to our Jewish counterparts living in the land. We believe that this understanding and show of good will, could bring about revival here in the United States and abroad.  

So, we are asking you to partner with us this coming year with financial help. If you are able to help us with a thousand dollars, or $50 a month, your donating will enable us to pursue what Yeshua is calling us to. If you have read thus far, please know that we are counting on you to consider and just ask God what if anything you are to do to help. We are full-time ministers and work very diligently to do all He asks. 
Our ministry has been creating worship dance curricula for fifteen years, and our latest series called “Aliyah~Rise Up!” [which there are three] is meant to bring awareness to these musician/saints/ministers in Israel. ‘Aliyah’ has multiple meanings, and in this context, its meaning is for the One New Man to arise. It contains a DVD of dances as prayers we have produced, and a musical CD to worship and dance to (two-disk sets). 
Thank you for your consideration, and many blessings to you, 
Ralph and Mindy Seta 
Messianic Dance Camps International 

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  • Linda
    Linda Indiana
    I have njoyed your DVDs and newsletter online. Within last 2 months you wrote a definition of shalom. I cannot find it in my emails, but I wanted to write it out as it ministered to me. Do you have that writing? I'm obliged f you resend it. Thank you

    I have njoyed your DVDs and newsletter online. Within last 2 months you wrote a definition of shalom. I cannot find it in my emails, but I wanted to write it out as it ministered to me. Do you have that writing? I'm obliged f you resend it. Thank you

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