"Let Israel be glad in his Maker; let the children of Zion rejoice in their King!
Let them praise his name with
dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre! Psalm 149:2&3


Ralph and Mindy Seta of Messianic Dance Camps International welcome you to this site! M.D.C.I. is a Messianic Jewish dance ministry; and, for well over two and half decades, we have been worshiping Yeshua (Jesus, The Messiah of Israel) through Davidic dance by using Israeli folk dance steps set to contemporary Messianic music. Our heart is to encourage and exhort the Sons and Daughters of Zion, with a heart of worship, to unite with The One who loves them most and with one another. "Yet You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel."
Psalm 22:3



"On The Move" Davidic Dance Blog

Our First Cyber Dance Camp A Success! 

Hello and Shalom, 

On Sunday afternoon, August 26th, we had our first live Patreon dance camp. (You can help support this effort at https://www.patreon.com/messianicdancecamps.) Consider joining us live for our next dance camp time.

You can become a Patron and receive new dances as benefits, all the while helping us with this powerful message of worship through dance!

We will periodically post dances there as well from our resource catalog of over one-hundred-eighty (and growing) different dances.

We hope that you will enjoy, and consider becoming a Patron.

Blessings and love to you,

Ralph and Mindy Seta
P.S. All virtual dance camps are accessible for reviewing afterwards 


Do You Reflect The Image of The Creator?  


     One thing that is becoming clearer, is that within the Body of Messiah there is a lack of love. Yeshua said that the two most important commandants are to love God and to love our neighbor as ourself. Who is our neighbor? Even one such as a ______. 
     Being Messianic has its challenges, and ever since Mindy became a Believer, she has had to endure persecutions from other Jews in mainstream Judaism because she believes in Yeshua. Yet, to see Believers persecuting Believers - are we not supposed to be above that? We thought this ministry to be one that could be a tie that binds; and it has been to some degree. It is discouraging though, to see brothers in the Lord behaving wrongly.   
     Throughout this season of horrific disasters, there have been many stories of "Good Samaritans" who have put their lives on the line to save another. We are grateful for these loving people, but wonder how we would feel if someone that we did not like wanted to save us? Would we tell them to go away until someone we thought was worthy would come? It does seem crazy, but not unrealistic, unfortunately, within the family of Believers. We are currently grieving because of these divisions, which have made this ministry to suffer. We are feeling frustrated and perplexed, but not we are not in despair. 
     Paul not only exhorts us to love, but also says in essence that without love even the most extraordinary ministry is destitute. A part of what we do at Messianic Dance Camps International is to contact leaders and schedule dance camps, so that we can minister with worship through dance. It is so powerful to see the Lord touch people in a deep way, and affect those needing the Waters of His Spirit to flow over them. Not only have we seen people feel better physically, being supernaturally healed; but we have also seen them find relief from PTSD and depression. They all experienced the Love of God. We have been to congregations who had not danced as a part of their worship; however, since our visit have incorporated the dance. We are well aware of those who have not yet experienced this form of elation, not having the understanding of its power. It is wonderful to explain how Yeshua really enjoys dancing with us, and in doing so He inhabits the praises of His People Israel! 
   Yesterday, while we were making calls, we came across a Messianic leader who was not very nice. His demeanor indicated that he felt dance was valueless and that our ministry was of no profit to the Jewish people. Mindy is Jewish; and, in fact, the type of dance that we minister through is Israeli dance set to contemporary Messianic music. He was indignant toward the reply and the call ended. It brought to mind a recent discussion we had on Shabbat about being created in the Image of God. What does it mean to be created in the image and likeness of God? Does God therefore have two legs, two eyes, and ears? Perhaps. The Scripture that comes to mind is 1 John 4:8 which tells us that "The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love." Now we are not saying that the man yesterday does not love. Nor are we saying that he does not love God, but the more you know Yeshua intimately (by dancing with Him for example), the more you are able to love God and your neighbor as well. Because love is who He is, and that is His likeness, we think that you can be formed into the image and likeness of our Messiah Yeshua by loving God and loving your neighbor. Or, you can be formed into the image and likeness of haSatan, and continue hating God and your neighbor. The latter we will try avoiding at all times and by all means.  

Love and Blessings to You, 
Ralph and Mindy Seta 
Messianic Dance Camps International

Letter From Messianic Dance Camps International Vol #4  

Dear Ministry Supporter and Worshiper, 

Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’  And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’                   Matthew 25:37-40 (ESV) 

Yeshua has been showing us the importance of ministering to each one that He sets before us. Sometimes we can be choosy to whom we would like to minister; however, these are not (in some instances) the ones ready for His Blessing. Yeshua has put Mindy and myself together first to minister unto Him and to one another. He has formed this union as an example of the One New Man - Jew and Gentile together in Him - to draw these brothers and sisters of Yeshua back to Himself by every means. I have fallen in love with the Scripture from 2 Samuel 14:14b: "But God will not take away life, and He devises means so that the banished one will not remain an outcast." I believe these "means" which He devises, deliver us from every type of death we face. He also uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and that which is weak He uses to shame the strong. Mindy and I sometimes feel both foolish and weak; however, we understand that by being a worker in His field, we are neither. We have begun to see "ten from the nations" take hold of the garment of a Jew, and say; "Let us go with you, for I know God is with you!" This is both humbling for us, and so very lovely. This is how a child must enter into His Holy Presence - and we are able to receive them in a loving, brotherly way - knowing we are receiving Yeshua Himself. 

Yeshua said "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength," and "You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” The scribe who asked Yeshua about the greatest commandment went on to answer Him correctly, and He told him that he was very close to the Kingdom. We desire to be close to His Kingdom, and to care for all those coming in; not being a hindrance in any way - but only to love - as one child of God to another. So let us pray the Lord of the harvest sends out laborers into His harvest. 

Yeshua has put in my heart to produce live feeds and archived shows from our home base to minister over the internet as well. We desire for this "set" and transmission to look as professional as possible. Mindy would continue teaching dance - both new dances and some dances we never get much opportunity to teach - from almost two hundred dances choreographed we have produced. We want it to be an outreach, as have some of our YouTube posts been, which we now have archived on our website. We were in Crown Heights not too long ago, which is a heavily populated Jewish section of New York city. We were recognized by a lady there who had been touched by our ministry of Messianic dance. So, we really won't know how Yeshua wants to use our good works perhaps until the Kingdom. 

If you would like to partner with M.D.C.I. this year with your financial support, we are believing for a good harvest. Your donating will enable us to pursue what Yeshua is calling us to do. Over the past decade we have been privileged to minister in six countries, and to over seven hundred congregations and fellowships. Please let us know if you would like to help us in His field. We are full-time ministers and have begun to work part-time as substitute teachers in the school district. 
Our ministry has created worship dance curriculum for fifteen years, and our latest series called “Aliyah~Rise Up!” [of which there are three projects] is meant to bring awareness to these musician/saints/ministers in the land of Israel, who need our love, support and encouragement. We have produced twenty instructional curricula in total (two-disk sets) that we are currently offering at half price for the entire collection at our store
Thank you for your consideration, and many blessings to you, 
Ralph Seta, for: 
Messianic Dance Camps International 

A Letter From Messianic Dance Camps International Vol #3 

Dear Ministry Supporter and Worshiper, 

I would like to let you know that your good prayers and financial support have been put to work with ministry and outreach this month. At the beginning of the month I shared with you our vision of revival and the revelation of the One New Man, which the New Covenant Scriptures speak of. We have been waiting on Yeshua to see how we should proceed with the vision that He has given to us, and to go into the churches with this message. This month the door has opened for us to speak at a church locally about our ministry, and the four of us also shared a dance. We are beginning to disciple a group who are interested in knowing more about Yeshua (including a pastor), by having shared the weekly reading(s) this past Shabbat at a Bible study. Thank you for praying for wisdom as we continue this meeting here locally. Also, we were blessed to share on Wednesday at a pastor's breakfast with about eighteen local pastors concerning the ministry, and the four of us presented a dance there as well. The lead pastor for this breakfast meeting invited us to come teach at his church on the 5th. Another opportunity has opened for us on the 11th at a Calvary church nearby. Halleluyah! 

As many of you know, we are a One New Man ministry. The New Covenant or, New Testament does not communicate importance on genealogy in its quest for unity. We have all been grafted, or re-grafted, into the Olive Tree of Israel. A wise man and close friend once told me that anyone claiming to be Jewish is Jewish. What I took away from what he said is that if a person is willing to die with the Jewish people, then that should be proof enough. We believe that Israel has been given its Constitution, or Commandments, for those who consider themselves to be a part of this fruitful tree, which we are to tend with Love from On High. For example, someone from the Shabbat group felt comfortable to use a particular name for 'LORD' while reading. I believe Yeshua was pleased for me to interject that each one should use the name for God he or she feels most comfortable with in turn. I think by doing this, and excepting each other in Love this way that Yeshua was honored and happy. I have heard cultic teachers who say that if you do not pronounce His Name a certain way, that you will go to Hell. I do not see that it is our place to judge others this way. Each one of us is unique in that place of maturation; we all are being led by His Spirit. 

I agree with the Psalmist that deep calls to deep at the roar of His waterfalls; as DNA and His Voice are both deep. And the sheep follow him, because they have known his voice. I believe there is a Spiritual awakening happening. People need to see their connectivity with Israel, and the importance of blessing believers there for His outpouring, and for the revelation of The One New Man in Service and Honor.


If you would like to partner with M.D.C.I. this year with your financial support: Thank you very much! Your donating will enable us to pursue what Yeshua is calling us to do. Over the past decade we have been privileged to minister to tens of thousands through worshiping Yeshua with dance. We are currently attempting web broadcasting (with costs of its own), in order to reach all who would be blessed by this ministry. Please let us know if you would like to help us in these fields. We are full-time ministers and work diligently to do all He asks us to by His help. 
Our ministry has been creating worship dance curriculum for fifteen years, our latest series called “Aliyah~Rise Up!” [of which there are three projects] and is meant to bring awareness to these musician/saints/ministers in Israel. We have produced twenty instructionals in total (two-disk sets) that we are currently offering at half price for the entire collection in our store
Thank you for your consideration, and many blessings to you, 
Ralph Seta, for: 
Messianic Dance Camps International 

Letter From Messianic Dance Camps International Vol #2 

We had a wonderful ministry trip to Southern California this weekend. Mindy and I started our lives together, and ministry, in Southern California, and we have many long time friends there as well. It was a very supportive time of dance and fellowship, which we needed a lot. We drove in to California under the cover of night, and at times turbulent rains which mirrored our spiritual temperament. Our ministry is going through transitional phases and growth, and sometimes we go through change unknowing of our surrounding, which can become spiritually life-draining. Although we have been to California many times, we were uncertain of our immediate circumstance, which mirrored our life-experience at the time. However, we made it to our hotel for the evening and rested; it was Shabbat! 

Mindy and I built ourselves up in our most holy faith within the context of the Messianic Jewish movement; myself not being Jewish, however, remaining in the movement for the last twenty-nine years. We very much enjoyed being at Beth Shalom in Corona for Shabbat Services. The Order of Service, along with the Torah reading, was awesome; it so ministered to us. Afterwards, we had a magnificent dance camp in the afternoon with many long-time friends and new acquaintances who were in attendance. It too was awesome! We then drove two hours to Lancaster for an evening dance camp at Oasis Life Center. They are a nondenominational church that is turning back to their Christian Roots, They were once a Sunday meeting congregation and began meeting on Saturdays some time ago, and teach from a Hebraic perspective. We had a wonderful time of food, dancing, and fellowship that continued the next morning after breakfast with a visit from a lovely family, who came to the hotel with games. Our children had a fellowship time together and we had the opportunity to minister one to another.  

The key to being a Disciple of Yeshua, is the love we have for one another. It is not only foundational, but all encapsulating. The Word is clear of the importance that love toward one another is for salvation purposes. We are experiencing the politicization of our most holy faith. I believe that we, as believers, are to surely be involved in the political process, and if that is the direction that Yeshua leads, we must be faithful to that calling. However, as believers, we must come together and support and encourage one another because it is so needed. Especially to connect ourselves with our brothers and sisters in Eretz Israel, and start blessings Israel in this way.  

It is disturbing to me to see the disconnect in the Body of Messiah. Many times we have had the opportunity to confront subliminal anti-Semitism, which is played out through incorrect instruction. For example, one of the topics that is prevalent in some circles is that the Magen David (Shield, or "Star" of David) is a pagan symbol. This not only comes across as anti-Semitic, but it's the same tactic the enemy has used to divide the nations against Israel. This should not be able to divide His Body, and hopefully through the maturation process, and His Word, we will be able to overcome together as the One New Man, which Scripture speaks of. 

Thank You for Your Prayers and Financial Support! 

A Letter From Messianic Dance Camps International

Dear Ministry Supporter, 

Our family went on-the-road traveling and have taught worship through Messianic Israeli folk dance to over seven hundred different congregations in the past eight years, many of which we have returned to several times. Your show of support through prayer, as well the purchase of our curricula, and financial support through donation helped our ministry! We have experienced open doors, and these doors have opened our eyes to many signs and wonders, which include emotional and spiritual healings, and miracles of spontaneous physical healings, which have included the deaf hearing, other healings, and Satanic deliverance, which is just the beginning of what has happened. 
Our ministry is a One New Man ministry on many levels; Mindy is Jewish, and I grew up in an Italian home as a Roman Catholic. I had an open vision while sitting in services one day, and I saw myself at a pulpit speaking to fellow gentiles. I was preaching and saying that “if you had received spiritual dividends from the Jewish people that you have a material debt to the believers living in Israel.” I came at once out of my open vision, and immediately thought to myself that this must be in the Bible somewhere. It did not take me long to find where the Apostle Paul, in Romans 15:25-27, was taking a collection from the Macedonians, saying that “if the Gentiles have come to share in their (Jewish people) spiritual blessings, they ought also to be of service to them in material blessings” 
        Full verse(s) in ISV ~ Romans 15:25-27 
Right now, however, I’m going to Jerusalem to minister to the saints, because the believers in Macedonia and Achaia (regions of Greece) have been eager to share their resources with the poor among the saints in Jerusalem. Yes, they were eager to do this, and in fact they are obligated to help them, for if the gentiles have shared in their spiritual blessings, they are obligated to be of service to them in material things. 
This message of ‘obligation’ has been a constant wherever we go to minister. We have attempted to raise awareness of the need that our brother and sister counterparts in Israel have for our love, support, and encouragement. We have also lead four dance tours to Israel, and each of the evenings after touring we would meet with the believers (the Living Stones) who live and minister in the land.  

We believe in the imperativeness of this ‘debt’ being met for the revelatory understanding of the One New Man to be realized; why we are no longer strangers and foreigners but fellow citizens with the saints and members of God’s household. However, the church at large is impervious to the connection between the Jewish believer living in Israel and the Christian believer who is being brought near. This truth and connectedness will bring awareness to bear; and hopefully bring the issue of the law of reciprocal return to the forefront. We believe that in this particular way we are to be a blessing to Israel. There are good intentions of Christians wanting to help and bless the Jewish people living in Israel. However, some of their funding unfortunately goes to organizations who persecute the believers living there.   

We are praying, in a big way, for the open door to enable us to go more into the churches, with the demonstration of Messianic worship through dance, and the message of a debt owing to our Jewish counterparts living in the land. We believe that this understanding and show of good will, could bring about revival here in the United States and abroad.  

So, we are asking you to partner with us this coming year with financial help. If you are able to help us with a thousand dollars, or $50 a month, your donating will enable us to pursue what Yeshua is calling us to. If you have read thus far, please know that we are counting on you to consider and just ask God what if anything you are to do to help. We are full-time ministers and work very diligently to do all He asks. 
Our ministry has been creating worship dance curricula for fifteen years, and our latest series called “Aliyah~Rise Up!” [which there are three] is meant to bring awareness to these musician/saints/ministers in Israel. ‘Aliyah’ has multiple meanings, and in this context, its meaning is for the One New Man to arise. It contains a DVD of dances as prayers we have produced, and a musical CD to worship and dance to (two-disk sets). 
Thank you for your consideration, and many blessings to you, 
Ralph and Mindy Seta 
Messianic Dance Camps International 

Blessing Israel Together  

"At present, however, I am going to Jerusalem bringing aid to the saints." Romans 15:25 

An Integral part of our ministry has always been to raise awareness of the needs our brothers and sisters in the land have for our love, support, and encouragement! 

Would you like us to bring a gift from you to be presented in the land?  

Each night of our Sukkot tour we will be meeting with ministers in the land. We invite them, along with their spouses and ministry partners to dinner. We also want to leave each one with a donation from this ministry, as it speaks about in Romans 15:25-27

If you would like to partner with us and make a contribution to minister a material blessing to the believers:  

To sponsor a couple to dinner is $50
To sponsor an individual minister to dinner is $25 
Or, you can give any amount to bless the believers and bless Israel!  
Thank you!! 

Also, a card will be given on your behalf to one of the ministers. Please include your note of blessings under: SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS when giving through PayPal  

You may also include a prayer to be deposited at the Kotel 'Wailing Wall' by the Seta family. 

You may also send a check made out to MDCI with your note and prayer through October 8th, 2016. Thank you for your partnership: 

PO BOX 50697 


Visit The Living Stones With MDCI 

Hello Everyone! 
We are still traveling in the U.S. on our Worship In Battle Summer Tour and we are getting so excited about going to the Land for Sukkot! If you are planning on coming with us and have not done so, please contact Shalom & Aviva Evan 866-592-1818. They are available to answer questions and help with your air portion as well. We would love for you to be with us and we are praying that He would bring those He is calling! 

Everyday we will be dancing as we tour Eretz Israel and meeting with the Living Stones there. We plan on being with Elazar & Krina Brant, Simcha and Bella Davidov, Mikhael and Orit Murname, Richard & Carolyn Hyde, George and Rivka Whitten, Brian and  Rachel Slater, Oxana Eliyahu, and more. Several of these are artists who we will worship together with in the sukkah. They all have great testimonies, vision, and ministries. They share about what is currently happening in the Land and in their lives. You will hear how the Lord is using them in a mighty way and stay connected to the land through their ministries! This is a wonderful way to fulfill Romans 15:25-27 

Please keep praying that the Lord will accomplish His purposes through us while we are there. Please continue to pray for a powerful time! (BTW I love this pic! Loic our guide is in it. He is the gentleman on the left looking up.) 

Much love, 
Ralph and Mindy 


Introducing Two New Projects. The "Shalom In Yeshua" Series #1&2

Introducing Two New Projects. The "Shalom In Yeshua" Series #1&2

Introducing Two New Projects. The "Shalom In Yeshua" Series #1&2

Introducing Two New Projects. The "Shalom In Yeshua" Series #1&2

Thank You for Your Prayerful and Financial Support!

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Messianic Dance Camps with Triumph Family

 —  —

Triumph Family Fellowship, TBA, Dallas Texas

For Hanukah, Ralph will be teaching men's dances that everyone will enjoy! Ralph has been dancing Messianic~Israeli style dance since 1989. He believes that with the men's participation in the dance, it will enhance the revival that we are all looking for!! Time of Dedication ~ Hanukah!!

Messianic Dance Camp @ FWCC Las Vegas

 —  —

FAMILY WORSHIP CHRISTIAN CHURCH, 3945 E Patrick Lane , Las Vegas NV 89120

Come to this pre-concert dance camp with Mindy Seta! She will be teaching dance steps that will be used later that evening at the Barry & Batya Segal Messianic concert. Registration is from 3:30 - 4 PM, with the dance camp going from 4 - 6 PM. There is a suggested $10 donation for the dance camp (or) $20 for families. Blessings to You!

"Messianic Dance, Hebraic Dance, Davidic Dance, Worship and Praise Dance, Israeli and Messianic Dance, Whatever you call it, It is all Worship and Praise, and Rejoicing in our Messiah Yeshua!"

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