Giving is Caring 

The front cover graphic for the new project is actually a landscape of the Golan Heights, with a perspective as if you were standing in the land yourself. The one blowing the shofar is calling to Heaven and to Earth for a witness, and to our Father and His children,
To Welcome the Holiness of Israel!

      (Graphic above is linked to Patreon)


(Graphic above is linked to Patreon)


There are over 300 Jewish Community Centers in the United States, and it is our hope that we can send each one a copy of this new project - the cost of this endeavor is $2,500. Any gift amount is most welcome and appreciated, but if you would like to receive this project you can support this ministry by either joining a tier on Patreon, or with a one-time gift of $35 or more (Be sure to include your mailing address).

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We understand that without faithful partners we could not accomplish all that Yeshua has called us to do.
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$2,033 Raised of $2,500 Needed
(as of September 17th, 2019)
to Send "Aliyah" to 300 U.S. JCCs

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