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Israel Tour June 6th ~ 16th, 2019!

[More information coming week of 9/16/18]

Our April 2018 70th Israeli Independence Tour was a success! Please enjoy the video of some highlights. Thank You! 

If you have shared in their spiritual things, then you are indebted to minister to them also in material things...from Romans 15:27

Upcoming Messianic Dance Camps International Ministry Tour April 15~25, 2018

Seeing to the needs of the believers in Israel has always been a large facet of this ministry. At many of the fifteen hundred dance camps in the past ten years, both Ralph and Mindy have had the opportunity to speak about this part of their ministry. Ralph grew up in a Roman Catholic household, and began in the Messianic movement in 1988. Early on while attending his first Messianic congregation in Cincinnati he had an open vision. While he was seated during services, he saw himself standing at a church podium. He appeared to be addressing Christians saying, "If you have received spiritual dividends from the Jewish people, you have a materiel debt to the believers living in Israel." When coming out of the open vision, he thought to himself that what he saw himself saying must be in the Bible, and it was not difficult to find the passage in Romans 15:25-27 where Paul spoke of the contribution of the Macedonians for the poor Saints in Jerusalem! "Yes, they were pleased to do so, and they are indebted to them. For if the Gentiles have shared in their spiritual things, they are indebted to minister to them also in material things."

Paul here teaches of the obligation of those of us who are not Jewish, of the necessity to give materially to the needs of the poor Saints in Jerusalem. Along with that in this chapter we see the prophetic coming of the Gentiles to believe, as a sign for the Jews to know their Messiah!

As a part of this ministry trip to Israel, we will be taking as many Holocaust survivors as possible to the Independence Hall Museum and to the Gilgal hotel for a nice dinner in their honor. This is an opportunity for the reciprocal blessing obligation to give, which Paul speaks of in Romans 15:25-27. We will also be ministering dance as worship at an adult daycare center in Tel Aviv, along with many other appointments with believers living in the land.

Please consider giving an amount below, where 100% of your donation will bless Holocaust survivors and go to the needs of Believers living in the land. We will take as many to a dinner buffet along with blessing them with a grocery gift card. Thank you!!

Some of the ministries we will meet:

Founder of Cry For Zion is a Believer and commander in the IDF

Joshua Aaron is a world music artist and minister in Israel

Having Holocaust survivors visit Independence Hall Museum ~ where Israel began

Dinner buffet, grocery cards, and additional funds for ministers living in the land of Israel

The Whittens and Worthy News Publication

Abundant Bread of Salvation and Brian Slater's ministry

Carolyn Hyde ministering song and dance to about fifty in attendance at an adult daycare center

and more...

Consider donating $30 for a dinner buffet or grocery gift card!


Consider donating $100 for a Holocaust survivor's visit to Independence Hall Museum, along with a dinner buffet at the Gilgal Hotel (owned by a believer) in Tel Aviv, and a grocery gift card!

Consider donating an alternative amount of any denomination!  


For your donation of $30 or more, you will receive a Thank You card with a picture and note sent to you of the people you have blessed in Israel.

$5320 of $4000 Goal  
just 0 days left 

"Thank You!"

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Hello & Shalom!

This is our 5th tour through the land meeting with the Living Stones (the Believers there)! Be with us for Israel's 70th Anniversary! Contact Shalom & Aviva at Shalom Journeys, or Mindy Seta for more information:

Dancing Through Israel and Worshiping with The Living Stones
Israel's 70th Independence & Memorial Day Celebration!
Sunday April 15 - Wednesday April 25, 
2018! (11 Days and 9 Nights)

(per person based on double occupancy)
Departs from New York/Newark
Join Us!

Printable Information Available:  
Registration, Brochure, and Itinerary 
REGISTRATION FORM Phone Shalom or Aviva at Shalom Journeys Toll Free: 1-866-592-1818 ~ Or, Mindy at 702-565-6140 228 KB
Please contact us with any questions regarding the tour. 
Ralph and Mindy Seta, M.D.C.I.
PO Box 50697
Henderson, NV  89016
(775) 283-8080
Pricing Based on Double Occupancy ("Sharing a Room") from the gateway city of New York/Newark. 
Add-on available from your home city.

Dance List For Israel 2018

Abba (Original 4 or New 6)
All The World (Original 8)
Blessed Are You (Original 4 or New 6)
Bo Ruach Elohim/Come Holy Spirit (Original 4)
Chag Sameach (WIB 2)
Come Join The Dance (WIB 1)
Congregation Of The Righteous (Original 3)
Eretz Zavat Chalav (Aliyah 2)
Glorious (7)
Great Compassionate God (5 part 2)
Great Is The Lord) (5 part 1)
Halleluet Adonai (7)
Hiney Ma Tov (WIB 2)
Jerusalem Peace (WIB 4)
King Of All The Earth (WIB 1)
Kulanu K'echad (7)
Lo Lanu (WIB 1)
Ma Navu (WIB 4)
Or Chadash (WIB 2)
O Israel (Aliyah 4)
Rachman Rachem (Aliyah 2)
The Aaronic Blessing (Aliyah 1)
Tremble O Earth (Aliyah 3)
Unto You (Aliyah 1)

Daily Itinerary Includes To Dance Every Day
Where We Sense His leading &
Meeting with Believers

Sunday, Day 1 –April 15, 2018 : Depart: USA - Israel

Depart from the US on an overnight trans-Atlantic flight to Israel. Meals and entertainment will be available on board.

Monday, Day 2 –April 16, 2018 : Arrival / Jerusalem

Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, where you will be met by a SHALOM JOUREYS representative and have a drive to your Kibutz hotel Yad Hashmona in the Judean Hills. This beautiful place with breathtaking scenery, is owned and operated by the Believers in the Land.

Dinner & overnight in Jerusalem.

Tuesday, Day 3-April 17, 2018 : Jerusalem Old City

After breakfast, we will visit the City of David and walk through the water of Hezekiah’s Tunnel leading to the Pool of Siloan. While we enter the walled city we will have a view of the Temple Mount.

Visit at the Second Temple area at the Davidson Center, with its fine, on-site museum and a 3-D presentation of the reconstruction of the Temple. We will walk up the original Temple steps. We walk on a first century street and see numerous mikva’ot (ritual baths) used by worshipers.

Later we will walk along the Western Wall Tunnels to experience the full length of the wall erected by King Herod. We will continue to a visit at the Holocaust museum of Yad Vashem.

Continue to the Pools of Bethesda and the Antonia Fortress. Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Memorial Day) begins tonight.

Dinner and overnight in Yad Hashmona. Special speaker, Doron Keidar in the evening.

Wednesday, Day 4- April 18, 2018 :Jerusalem New & Old City

After breakfast we will drive to Mount of Olives for a panoramic view of the city; walk down to the Private Garden of Gethsemane to worship and meditate. We will visit the Garden Tomb where we will consider the spiritual meaning of death and resurrection of Yeshua the Messiah. The Hebrew Music Museum in the heart of Jerusalem, is the only museum of its kind in the world, featuring collections of ancient musical instruments.

We will drive to the Jaffa Gate, and will do the Walls Ramparts Walk. This is an ideal way to inspect the walls and gates of Jerusalem, pray, and dance. We will see the vibrant and bustling life of the Old City. Later we will visit at the Burnt House to hear and see its amazing story. We will continue to the Temple Institute and learn about the preparations for the 3rd temple. Later you can explore the old city on your own and do some shopping. Yom Ha'atzmaut (Isreali Independence Day) begins tonight. Dinner and overnight in Yad Hashmona.

Thursday, Day 5-April 19, 2018 : Old & New City

After breakfast we will drive to the Shfela via Ella Valley , and visit the Stalactite cave (Abshalom Cave). We will do something special for Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day!). We will view and pray over the area in the Arnona neighborhood within Jerusalem, where the US Embassy will be.

In the afternoon we will visit the newly opened interactive Friends of Zion Museum. Then we will head to the Dead Sea.

Dinner Overnight at the beautiful David Hotel & SPA Dead Sea.

Friday, Day 6- April 20, 2018 : Dead Sea / Massada

After breakfast drive along the shores of the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth to meet with Robert, a Shofar Master and learn about the production, and will have some time to shop Shofar.

We will drive South to see beautiful Ein Gedi, the desert oasis where David hid from King Saul.

, the last stronghold of the Jews after the destruction of the Second Temple in MassadaLater we will drive to 70 A.D. Ascend Massada by cable car and visit the food storeroom, water irrigation system and Herod’s Palace. When we descend by foot, we will drive to Arad, to visit the “Fountain Of Tears” monument , created by the artist Rick Wienecke.

Arrive to your hotel and have some time to enjoy the spa facilities of the hotel and swim in the unique waters of the Dead Sea . We will have an Erev Shabbat dinner at the hotel.

Overnight at the beautiful David Hotel & SPA Dead Sea.

Saturday, Day 7- April 21, 2018 : Beth Shean / Gideon Springs/ Nazareth / Tiberias

After breakfast depart hotel and drive to Beit Shean, a newly excavated city, and visit the Roman theatre. We will continue to Gideon Springs.

We will continue to Nazareth via Cana of Galilee. We will also visit Nazareth Village and learn how life was 2000 years ago. We will enjoy here lunch.

Dinner at Carolyn Hyde’s home and

Overnight in at our beautiful Kibutz Nof Ginosar on the Sea of Galilee in Tiberias.

Sunday, Day 8- April 22, 2018 : Outreach / Mt Beatitude / Capernaum / Betsaida / Mt Bental/ Golan Heights

After breakfast we will minister with Carolyn Hyde early pioneers of Israel plus Holocaust survivors. We will then drive to Mount of Beatitudes – where Yeshua delivered the Sermon on the Mount. We will continue to Capernaum and visit the remains of the 2nd century synagogue. Afterwards, visit Bethsaida where Yeshua fed the multitude with five loaves and two fish. Continue to the Golan Heights & visit Mount Bental and blow the shofar. If time permits visit Gamla– one of the strongholds in the Golan.

Dinner and overnight in Kibutz Nof Ginosar Tiberias.

Monday, Day 9-April 23, 2018 : Boat ride / Ancient Boat /Megiddo / Caesarea/ Tel Aviv

After breakfast, we will take a boat ride with Daniel Carmel Worship Boat, on the Sea of Galilee.

We will visit the Ancient boat dated back to the times of Yeshua.

We will continue to Megiddo, identified as the site of Armageddon; visit the archaeological excavations including the well-preserved water supply system. We will visit Caesarea, capital of Judea under the Romans. Visit the excavations of the ancient city, Roman theatre and aqueduct and see a video interactive presentation. Drive south along the Coastal road to Tel Aviv.

Visit Rabin's Square, place of assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Drive via Old Jaffa, an 8000 year old port city

Dinner & overnight at the Gilgal Hotel owned by Yacov Damkani in Tel Aviv.

Tuesday, Day 10-April 24, 2018 : Tel Aviv / Independence Hall / Palmach Museum / Diaspora museum

After breakfast, we will visit the amazing underground, pre-State bullet factory built by the Haganah under the noses of the British at the Ayalon Institute.

We will visit Neot kedumim and plant a tree.

Visit to the Independence hall where David ben Gurion declared the state of Israel.

We will head to Beit Hatfutsot (Diaspora museum) - a museum that conveys to the world the fascinating narrative of the Jewish people and the essence of the Jewish culture, faith, purpose and deed while presenting the contribution of world Jewry to humanity.

Dinner and overnight at the Gilgal Hotel in Tel Aviv.

Wednesday, Day 11- April 25, 2018 : Tel Aviv/Ben Gurion Airport

Transfer to airport for your flight home with many memories …

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