Letter From Messianic Dance Camps International Vol #2

We had a wonderful ministry trip to Southern California this weekend. Mindy and I started our lives together, and ministry, in Southern California, and we have many long time friends there as well. It was a very supportive time of dance and fellowship, which we needed a lot. We drove in to California under the cover of night, and at times turbulent rains which mirrored our spiritual temperament. Our ministry is going through transitional phases and growth, and sometimes we go through change unknowing of our surrounding, which can become spiritually life-draining. Although we have been to California many times, we were uncertain of our immediate circumstance, which mirrored our life-experience at the time. However, we made it to our hotel for the evening and rested; it was Shabbat! 

Mindy and I built ourselves up in our most holy faith within the context of the Messianic Jewish movement; myself not being Jewish, however, remaining in the movement for the last twenty-nine years. We very much enjoyed being at Beth Shalom in Corona for Shabbat Services. The Order of Service, along with the Torah reading, was awesome; it so ministered to us. Afterwards, we had a magnificent dance camp in the afternoon with many long-time friends and new acquaintances who were in attendance. It too was awesome! We then drove two hours to Lancaster for an evening dance camp at Oasis Life Center. They are a nondenominational church that is turning back to their Christian Roots, They were once a Sunday meeting congregation and began meeting on Saturdays some time ago, and teach from a Hebraic perspective. We had a wonderful time of food, dancing, and fellowship that continued the next morning after breakfast with a visit from a lovely family, who came to the hotel with games. Our children had a fellowship time together and we had the opportunity to minister one to another.  

The key to being a Disciple of Yeshua, is the love we have for one another. It is not only foundational, but all encapsulating. The Word is clear of the importance that love toward one another is for salvation purposes. We are experiencing the politicization of our most holy faith. I believe that we, as believers, are to surely be involved in the political process, and if that is the direction that Yeshua leads, we must be faithful to that calling. However, as believers, we must come together and support and encourage one another because it is so needed. Especially to connect ourselves with our brothers and sisters in Eretz Israel, and start blessings Israel in this way.  

It is disturbing to me to see the disconnect in the Body of Messiah. Many times we have had the opportunity to confront subliminal anti-Semitism, which is played out through incorrect instruction. For example, one of the topics that is prevalent in some circles is that the Magen David (Shield, or "Star" of David) is a pagan symbol. This not only comes across as anti-Semitic, but it's the same tactic the enemy has used to divide the nations against Israel. This should not be able to divide His Body, and hopefully through the maturation process, and His Word, we will be able to overcome together as the One New Man, which Scripture speaks of. 

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