Pepperdine Announcement!

Messianic Dance Camps International presents 

Memorial Day Weekend at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California 
May 27- May 29, 2016

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Come! Let's Go Up To Jerusalem Sukkot 2016!

Hello Fellow Worshiper! 
     We are so pleased to announce that we have received confirmation to 'Go Up To Jerusalem' again for the Feast of Tabernacles October 13th ~ October 25th, 2016. We have updated and posted our itinerary on the …


Beautiful Videos of Israel Tour 2015

We are so thankful that you kept our ministry in your prayers. Our Israel Sukkot tour was amazing and power-filled! Our dance was prayer being sown into the ground and our worship was to glorify Him.
     We danced through the

Worship In Battle Summer 2015 Dance Tour

Shalom Worshipers!

What a beautiful summer it has been. We had a great tour lasting from the end of May until the beginning of August. We had thirty dance camps, saw many friends, worshiped with new friends, and Yeshua was…

Memorial Day Weekend and Shavuot Event with Wonderful Artists!

Shalom Worshiper! Please consider coming to Malibu California to celebrate with us this Shavuot! The theme “Worship In Battle” is one that we trust will have greater insight as the celebration progresses.…

The First of Months with Solar Eclipse

What an exciting time we live! We just made it through the holiday of Purim, where we saw the book of Esther unfold right before our eyes. Did you see it? Our Uncle Mordecai, played by Benjamin Netanyahu, stood up…

Shavuot Weekend at Pepperdine Campus Malibu CA

We believe it is apropos to have this Worship In Battle weekend over Memorial Day. Not only do we remember those who have fought to give us the freedoms which we share, but also as worship warriors we desire to…

Married Couples Hebraic Dance Demonstrated

This past weekend we had the honor to dance the Married Couples dance to 'Elohim' by Sue Samuel. Our friends in Las Vegas came together as Husband and Wife in a beautiful ceremony at Lev Hashem Messianic Synagogue. The wonderful…